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Oct 18, 2020
Official Crax ruleset, supersedes all and any rules set in each individual forum. Last Updated: December 11th, 2021.

Certain rules may not be enforced unless reported. If you feel a poster has broken a rule, report it. All ban durations are the default suggested ban duration, however enforcement is subject to the moderator and may be shortened or lengthened depending on the severity of the rule breaking. Lesser rule-breaking punishments may be handed out via Infraction in replacement of a ban. Certain rules may be bypassed with written consent from an administrator, in which it must be explicitly stated wherever posted.

- No advertising or quoting an advertisement. (Permanent Ban)
- No direct/indirect advertising or quoting of rule breaking content. (Permanent Ban)

- No outside links or links to downloads/attachments, use the upload system instead. (Permanent Ban)
- No spamming or emote spam outside of the spam section. (1 Day Ban)
- No trolling outside of general sections. (
3 Day Ban)
- No scamming of any kind. (Permanent Ban)

- No accessing other Crax members accounts or computers without permission. (Permanent Ban)
- No disrespecting staff. (5 Day Ban)
- No disrespecting Crax. (Permanent Ban)
- No creating threads in the wrong section. (1 Day Ban)
- No flaming members outside of the flaming section. (2 Day Ban)
- No bumping dead threads for no important reason. (
3 Day Ban)
- No misusing/soliciting forum rewards, including on yourself. (However putting along the lines of "Rep/Thank me if I helped you" is acceptable) (3 Day Ban)
- No "asking"/begging for something outside of a specifically designated request section. (2 Day Ban)
- No nazi or racist comments. (5 Day Ban)

- No bypassing the Crax word filter. (2 Week Ban)
- No requesting close/ban/delete/approve/move outside of the original poster, unless calling to attention a post that seems to be overlooked. (
- No posting of keyloggers, viruses or phishers. (Permanent Ban)

- No impersonating Crax staff including offsite. (Permanent Ban)
- No selling/buying/trading Crax accounts. (Permanent Ban)
- No requesting to join a user group. (7 Day Ban)
- No changing a staff member's quote in a post. (3 Day Ban)

- No posting of warez (copy written material) or material infringe on copyrights. (Permanent Ban)
- No ban evasion on an alternate account for serious bans. (Permanent Ban)
- No posting spoilers to entertainment media without using spoiler tags and an appropriate warning. (1 Month Ban)
- No replying to threads with images (without any on-topic text) unless it is in an image thread in general. (Infraction)

- No posting personal / private / "dox" information (including IP) of a Crax user without their explicit permission or from an administrator. This means information that isn't easily accessible or discovered. (6 Month Ban)
- No threatening Crax members with any sort of blackmail or DDoS/flooding/attack threats. (1 Month Ban)

- No DoSing, flooding, jamming, hindering, or any other sort of attacking other Crax members. (Permanent Ban)
- No recruiting. (Permanent Ban)
- No selling of hacks, menus, scripts, loaders or any other cheating/hacking related material (includes free offer with purchase). (Permanent Ban)
- No distribution of cheating/hacking material besides in thread as an approved attachment. No distributing via pm, messenger service (via Crax). (Permanent Ban)
- No registered user participation on Crax while being staff member of another game hacking forum. (This rule is enforced at a GMod or higher discretion level to protect Crax members from hidden motives) (Permanent Ban)
- No posting of content that violates any laws. (Permanent Ban)
- No selling/buying outside We will not be responsible for any kind of scam
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