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How to get a Free Visa Gift Card

How to get a Free Visa Gift Card



Feb 6, 2023
Get Checks from Logitech METHOD:

1: This Method requires you to physically CALL them, or they will require you to send the product back (And wait until they recieve it INTACT) to release your check.

1a: Choose a product, keyboards are easiest.

2: Call Logitech Support and start with a 'Good Morning' or 'Good Night'. Don't jump to the point. Make them feel like they know you, and can trust you.

3: Tell them that you just recently purchased the product, and that it did not work in the first place. Make up an excuse, saying that half of the lights don't turn on, etc.

4: They will ask for a serial, buy one or get one, and provide it to them.

5: Now, they will ask for a proof of purchase. You can either photoshop one (make it good) or tell them that whoever gifted the product to you is deceased.

6: When they tell you that you will recieve a replacement product, tell them that you would not like a replacement, and would like a full refund. Tell them that you would not like to buy a Logitech Product anymore,
and would like to use the money somewhere else.

7: If you are lucky, they will approve your refund request and send you a check in the mail. Cash it out as soon as possible to avoid problems.
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