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[Promotional Thread] Bulk SMS Sending Provider By Hrackedz

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[Promotional Thread] Bulk SMS Sending Provider By Hrackedz


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Jun 9, 2022
Welcome to hracke.cc
We are the leading Bulk SMS sending provider. We allow all traffic and always ensures your SMS lands.


📲 Open SenderID possible. Choose freely. Nothing forbidden with us.

💲 We are one of the cheapest provider and always ensure the best prices at the quality we serve.

👤 100% Anonimity. We don't keep logs of your data and we never share any account details, for any reason.

👶 Simple web platform designeded by spamers. Our Self made webpanel was designed especially to make things easy for you.

🥇 Direct routes, making sure your SMS don't have to hop between suppliers.

🌍 Supporting over 30+ countries. If your country is not supported contact support to add it.

💰 Accepting Crypto currency. BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT and even XMR for privacy concerned users.

🔄 Frequent updates from us regarding system operationality. Communication is key 🔑

To get started :
Step 1️⃣
Visit https://hracke.cc

Step 2️⃣
Register your acccount on https://hracke.cc/register

Step 3️⃣
Make your first deposit 50 Euro by paying the activation fees

Step 4️⃣
Start your spaming !!

What are you waiting for? Get started Now! 🚀

Support telegram : @kickflap

Link : https://hracke.cc


- To register simply go to https://hracke.cc/register
- A minimum Deposit of 50 EURO is needed for activation (the credit will be added to your account ballance)


- Topup is Automated
- We accept all crypto currency (BTC, LTC , BCH, ETH ..)
- Prices list is constantly updated and availible on @Spammer_tools


- All content allowed except porn , spreading botnet , governments politics...
- We do not refund on any maner because of the complexity and volatility of the business
- If credit deducted from your wallet mean SMS sent from our system and got charged
- Each account is for personal use , sharing or resseling is not allowed (we have special resselers plans DM Admin for that)
- We dont supply free tests
- We dont deal with dumb people


Q : Do i need to put number in international format
A : YES , the numbers have to be +xxxxxxx

Q : My messages dont get Delivered
A : Many things can be the reason, refer to the help topic or contact administrator

Q : i message admin he dont reply
A : Admin is away or simpy busy

Q : I want to learn spaming
A : Our service is for Pro users and you are not welcome

Q : Credit got deducted from my ballance and test sms not received
A : Your message got blocked by filters , our system and partners had processed the sms ourself will be charged for that, refer to help topic how to bypass filters

Success Sending your Bulk SMS:
We always advise testing before sending in bulk. Suppose you do not have the possibility of sending to a real number and checking the delivery. In that case, you could send 200-250 SMS and monitor for clicks.
If you get clicks, then you are good to send in bulk. (Still advised to keep it to a low amount and continuously checking clicks)
If you don't get any clicks but it still shows as delivered?
Make sure you have cleaned the message content from blocked words.
If the problem persists, contact the support @kickflap

Why are clicks so important?
From the clicks, we understand the behaving of the routes and the validity of your leads in case you face issues. You need to monitor the clicks. Otherwise, you cannot understand where the problem is originating.
There are 2 cases if you are not getting clicks:
A) The route is not delivering the message.
B) The leads you are using are BAD.
If you do not monitor your clicks and only focus on the number of logs you receive, you are not doing it effectively.

You have to understand that there are many things to consider when spamming and if you come out as successful or not!
1) The leads you bought might not be compatible with your project
2) The page is poorly written
3) Your page is loading slow
4) You are sending mixed carrier sendouts (depends on route)
5) Your message are saturated or has grammatical errors
6) and a lot of other factors. I won't be going into detail.

Moral of the story? Monitor clicks!
When you send a bulk campaign, we are being charged as well.
If you do a bulk campaign and use common fraud words, we will still be charged while no messages reach the destination.
That's why we always advise testing before sending in bulk because we hate wasting money for nothing and we cant REFUND.

We hope you found this information useful to you. We want to see you succeed 🚀
If your page doesn't yet track clicks we recommend Googling:
"site:Stackoverflow.com Log user IP address, date and time"

Contact us today to get more information on your country! 📲
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