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Some simple FREE tools to help you stay safe on the internet

Some simple FREE tools to help you stay safe on the internet



Jan 27, 2023
A vpn will help protect your identity online by encrypting your network traffic and hiding your IP address. A free VPN is offered by protonmail called "Proton VPN" is available. Please note that this VPN cannot be used for torrenting, and should not be used for illicit purposes; however for just general privacy on the internet, Proton VPN comes in clutch.

A sandbox lets you play around without exposing yourself to much risk when downloading programs. Now my all time favorite is Shade Sandbox, now they offer a 30 day trial but it isn't necessarily free (Anymore). A couple runner ups are Sandboxie(less simple GUI), BitBox (browser sandbox), & Toolwiz Time freeze (This one is amazing)

BTDubs: If you have windows 10 pro, there is a sandbox built in.

File Scanner
One of the most important things you are going to use for online protection is a file scanner. . If you go into any malware section of a hacking/cracking forum, you will notice that the posters of the malware say “DO NOT UPLOAD THIS TO VIRUS TOTAL”. So whenever I am scanning files for personal use, I prefer to use the Virus-Total Uploader. They upload and scan your file with a bunch of antiviruses. Not great if you are trying to spread, great if you are not trying to become the one who is infected.

EDIT: HF apparently has a virus scanner too now in the “hacker tools” section.

A firewall can be your strongest layer of defense for malware. TinyWall is a strong lightweight firewall that will automatically block all traffic until you add an exception. While this may be tedious at first, it creates a safety barrier for anyone trying to steal your information. (Or connect to their server in any way without giving your express permission)

If you have anything that you wouldn't want your mother to see on your computer, then it is best to have some sort of file encryption software. VeraCrypt allows you to encrypt hard drive partions and even create hidden partions and encrypt them. In order to access your encrypted partion, a person would have to guess your pass-code to even gain access. You could even encrypt your entire computer.

File Deletion
Whenever you delete a file from your computer, it isn't really gone. It is still written there on your hard drive, but unavailable to you until you have filled the specific spot on the disk where your original file was saved. If this doesn't appeal to you, there is an application called Cccleaner that can help.

Cccleaner is kinda bulky for what I like it for. Once you set it up, it lets you right click the recycle bin and select “Run Cccleaner” and overwrite the things it deletes up to 12 times. You have to adjust from the default 1 time in the settings.

Password Manager
Now some people just have to have a password manager, and if you are one of the people who are still using the same password for everything, maybe you should have one too. This allows you to change it up some without having to remember the information for every account you use. There is a free/open source password manager called BitWarden that I like. (Partially because it is open source, partially because of the name.

EDIT: KeypassXC is a good one if you want it stored local.

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