And For Starters, It’s so profitable
If you’re new to making money online, you know it’s tough to figure out where to even start from.
I can relate because I had to try a thousand and one side hustles before figuring out what I was doing wrong.
And believe me, those times were so damn depressing.
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So before I spill the beans on this new money-making skill, here’s a shout-out to everyone hustling online—keep pushing, you got this!
Now here’s something to know about passive income.
It’s not a magic wand you just wave to make money while you sleep.
It’s an exchange.
The internet is like a marketplace and you won’t make sustainable income if you don’t have anything to offer.
So if it’s a marketplace, the best way to make money is with a transaction-worthy skill.
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Now that makes a lot of sense.
Talk about
  • Tech geeks and coders
  • Digital marketers
  • Content creators and video editors
These highly skilled professionals have been the top online earners for the longest time.
But hear me out!
This new skill changes everything, because you no longer have to be a skilled professional to make real passive income.
And this skill will definitely make the new wave of profitable online business owners.

So What Exactly is This New Skill?​

Before I share what this skill is, you need to understand why it’s such a money maker.
Just recently AI became a worldwide sensation.

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  • With More and more businesses seeing how they’ll be left behind if they don’t join the moving train
  • And now more than ever being one of the best times to start a business online.
Because think about it, what can AI not do?
  • Want to start a blog? ChatGPT can help
  • Want to build a website? ChatGPT can help
  • Want to start up a more creative business? Midjourney can help
  • Want to build your personal brand with quality content? ChatGPT is your best brainstorming buddy.
The earlier you understand the age we’ve just walked into, the more profitable businesses you’ll be able to build for yourself.
So you guessed it already, the skill we’ll be talking about today is Artificial intelligence.
And no, you don’t need to be a nerd locked in a basement to understand how artificial intelligence works well enough to make money from it.

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So for goodness sake, let your doubting thomas lie.
Now, like I said, passive income is not a Magic wand.
And the same goes for AI.
So yes, while I’ll be sharing a very profitable AI skill and how you can make money from it, I also want to be upfront with the truth.
Because without your
  • Human creative skills
  • And basic marketing skills
You may never be able to build anything sustainable with AI.
And now that we’ve established that human creativity is still a major factor for making passive income even with AI, let’s discuss what this skill is.
Now with AI, you can go through one of these two routes.
  • Learn ChatGPT
  • Learn Midjourney
I called these two AI tools because they are the biggest right now with a really huge income potential.
Now, from my experience, learning how Midjourney is a much more profitable skill to learn as you’ll soon see.
So that’s what we’re going to be focusing on for this story.
And for those who don’t know, Midjourney is an AI art generator that creates super realistic images from simple prompts.

Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash
For example, if I type in a simple prompt like:
Pastel Watercolor Hibiscus Flower Pattern
It spits out a very creative image in seconds.

Image Generated by AI
It’s amazing right?
It used to take real artists weeks to come up with art as creative as this but now AI does all the work in seconds.
And while I know it sucks for these artists with real talent, we can’t ignore the fact that Midjourney really is awesome.

So Why is this even a skill?​

Now, this is a fair question.
Because if Midjourney can take in words and spit out an image so awesome, why does it need me?
Well that’s because, Midjourney is a perfect example of the Garbage in, Garbage out principle.
You could type in a random prompt for a pattern and you get this.

Image Generated by AI
But then, you type in the right prompt and get this as your output.
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Image Generated by AI
I’m just trying to say that once you master the art of writing high quality prompts, the better the images you’ll be able to get from Midjourney.
Prompts are like the command Midjourney has to follow for your image creation.
It’s that simple.
So you caught me, the skill of today’s story is Midjourney prompt engineering.
And don’t let the name fool you, it’s definitely the perfect skill for beginners.
Because once you learned the right way to command Midjourney, you’re halfway ready to make passive income with this.
In today’s story, I’ll be sharing 2 passive income ideas you can start today just by knowing how Midjourney works.
Then I’ll show you how to actually learn this new skill.

1. Start your creative shop on Marketplaces​

This is my favorite idea on today’s list and for a reason. It’s so profitable and is by far the easiest to set up.
Now, The concept of marketplaces for passive income runs chills down my spine.
The fact that some genius founders already
  • Did the hardwork
  • And brought together your dream buyers all in one place for you to sell to them

Photo by Christiann Koepke on Unsplash

It is mind blowing.
And I could go on to list hundreds of marketplaces to make passive income online but today’s Midjourney’s skill restrains that.
So, I’ll be sticking with just marketplaces where you can sell your Midjourney generated art work.

First, you can create recipe cookbooks and sell them on Amazon KDP.​

You basically use Midjourney to
  • Create the entire images for your book,
  • Compile it into a PDF on Canva
  • And publish it on Amazon.
These are some AI Generated recipe images by Midjourney to show you how amazing AI has become.
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Image Generated by AI

Image Generated by AI

Plus, you don’t have any excuses because ChatGPT can create the entire text for your recipe book.
I’m currently working on this side hustle and I’ll update you all soon on how it goes.
Amazon is by far the largest ecommerce marketplace in the world and that includes books.
And just for precision, I found this recipe book on Amazon,
  • Was published in January of this year
  • Now with over 25 ratings
  • At a price range of $13.99
So this single book has made its author, nothing less than $349 in passive income.

Screenshot Made on Amazon

Plus, Recipe books are just one of the many books you could be selling on Amazon KDP with Midjourney.
  • Comic books
  • Story books
  • Anime books
  • And much more.
Creating a publisher account is free, so you should get to work right away.

Second, you can sell clipart and creative elements on Etsy and Creative Fabrica​

This is one of the ideas on this list that I already do myself.
Once AI became a thing, I knew there was money to be made, so I rushed over to my drawing board to hatch out a plan.
I decided right away that I was going to use these AI art generators to create high quality vector art that I could then sell as bundles on marketplaces.
My idea was perfect because the ideas I went on to find for this side hustle were endless.
I could create
  • Clipart
  • Patterns
  • Wallpapers
  • Wall art
  • Printables and more.
I could sell them as an AI clipart bundle for teachers, bloggers, creatives, you name it.
And whenever I ran out of niche ideas for these creative elements, I just had to ask ChatGPT.
From running my shop on Creative Fabrica, I’ve been able to get over 322 followers, and have made over
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Screenshot by Author
So this certainly works.
Keep in mind, I’m just scratching the surface with Creative Fabrica for these bundles, there’s
  • Etsy
  • Teachers Pay Teachers
  • Hungry Jpeg
  • Design bundles
  • Design cut
  • And even Pinterest for marketing.

2. Teach other people how to create high quality images with Midjourney​

Remember the never fading story we were told about the Gold rush and how the real rich men during their time were the tool sellers.
Well I’ve come to see why that makes so much sense.
In a world where everyone just wants to dig and take, the people who make the most money give instead.
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Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

So yes, while you can build a very passive business from selling on Marketplaces, you can make even more money from teaching other people how to use Midjourney.
This idea is such a big deal and that’s why I keep sharing it on my page.
So here’s a secret that took me 2 years to learn:
If you want to build a truly passive income business,
  • Become an expert at something
  • Package your knowledge and sell it or make money in some way.
Since the skill of today’s story is Midjourney, here’s how you can make money once you become an expert at creating the best prompts for Midjourney

Create a YouTube channel and teach others for free​

For some reason, no one is really talking about how profitable YouTube is as a business.
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Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash
I’m talking about
  • The Billions of monthly traffic on YouTube
  • And their insanely profitable inbuilt Ad program
Both of these avenues are how creators make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on YouTube.
So no, YouTube isn’t for adults who just won’t grow up, it’s a money maker.
Besides, with Midjourney is a hot topic right now on YouTube, there’s no reason why you can’t build something profitable on YouTube.
In fact, I found a channel that
  • Shares Midjourney tips
  • Was launched just this year
But already has 95.7k subscribers in less than a year, that’s how crazy this trend

Screenshot of AI foundation YouTube Channel
And Based on social blade stats, this channel approximately makes $29.9k per year passively.

Social blad stats of AI foundations
But I bet they make even more from
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • and digital products too
I run a YouTube channel and have grown over 956 subscribers
I haven’t joined the YouTube partner program but my subscribers still make me money from the digital products I sell.

Screenshot by Author

So yes, YouTube is a money maker.
And Just for the ideas, on a Midjourney channel, you could be selling a bundle of all your Midjourney prompts and I can almost see no reasons why people won’t die to buy from you.
Another way you could monetize your Midjourney knowledge once you’ve learnt how to create those stunning images is through courses.
I talked about this idea in my last story and I’m still putting it out there.
Once you learn this skill and become confident enough, you should create a course.
Now that includes a course for Midjourney.
The only question now is, who would even want to buy a course from a beginner like you?
  • First, you’re definitely not going to be a beginner once you’ve learnt the skill
  • Second, with an audience on YouTube, this should be an easy income stream to add to the equation.
  • Last is Marketplaces.
I know you were waiting to hear me talk of a marketplace for courses.
And they infact exist.
Two of the best course marketplaces allow anyone to create accounts and upload Courses for free.
And they get a lot of students, in the millions.
One of them is Udemy with over 99 million visitors every month.

Udemy's Home Page
The other marketplace is Skillshare with over 6.5 million visitors.
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Skillshare Traffic Insights by SimilarWeb
And read my lips, they allow even beginners to upload Courses and make passive income.
I once tried selling courses on Udemy before, in fact, that was how I made my first dollar online.
And just in case you’re guessing, I used just my phone for the entire course production.
  • No camera
  • Or fancy filming setup
  • Just a phone screen recording in a tutorial format
So if you have
  • An Iphone or a good phone camera
  • And an Airpod with quality sound
You’re more than good to good for this side hustle.
While I was still working on this idea, I made over $125 and here’s a screenshot of one of my payouts on Udemy.

Screenshot by Author
So yes, one skill turned into more than 4 passive income ideas.
At least if you do it right.
And there you have it, 4 in 2 income ideas you can build from just learning how to create high quality images with Midjourney.
But before I end the story, I know what you’re thinking.
How the heck are you supposed to get so good with Midjourney and image generation to even be able to make money from it?
Well that’s the part where you learn.
Remember, it’s a Skill you have to build and like I said, making passive income has to be a transaction.
You give something valuable and get paid in return.
By learning how to create high quality Prompts and images with Midjourney, you’ll basically be learning a very high in demand skill that can then go on to make you sustainable passive income.

So here’s how to learn this new skill​

First, there’s YouTube.​

You can watch hundreds of videos about Midjourney until you can make images buyers would die to get a hold of.

Photo by Leon Bublitz on Unsplash

Or Take a Midjourney Prompting Class​

Yeah, I know, it sucks. This was supposed to be a free side hustle.
Well, it still is, you just have to choose your own pill.
You can spend days or weeks learning how these tools work
Or just hours, learning from people who have spent the upfront time already.
To be honest with you guys, I took the first route and learned everything I know about AI art generation from YouTube but it took me months to know what I know now.
So I don’t think it’s smart.
If you’re willing to invest a few dollars, I highly recommend you check out Ken Bluttman.
He sells AI Art prompt class specifically for Midjourney.

Art Prompt Mastery by Ken Bluttman
Remember, you don’t have to buy the class.
But if you value your time and want to launch these passive side hustles a lot faster, then you should check out his Midjourney’s prompting class here.


If this story isn’t enough to convince you that
  • you need a skill to make passive income
  • And that Artificial intelligence is the best skill to learn in the day and time
Then I don’t know what else will.
So you learn the skill once and you’ll keep making money from your knowledge.
And that’s what I call passive income!
So consider these side hustles and start improving your Midjourney prompting skills on YouTube or with Ken Bluttman’s AI art Prompting Class.